Friday, March 13, 2009

Masculine Feminine

Ah the tailor wide boy pants trend. I have to say I love love love loooooooooooooove it!
It is actually working really well for me (Truth: loose = hips not showing), comfy, casual, unserious, cool, relax, simply effortlessly chic…. (like Diane Keaton style in Annie Hall)

One problem though: now I kind of confuse my wardrobe with my other half one.
The truth is, those last couple of months, I bought a lot of pants (like a looooot), all of them 2 times bigger for me, so now when I’m looking for a ‘normal’ pair of trousers, well I don’t have that anymore. Or when I do find one (far behind in my closet), I try it, close the zip, have hard time to breath and move across from the room to the bathroom, become all red and sweat to finally remove it, put on my wide comfy pants, look at myself in the mirror, whisper a little ‘hum better’, wear a killer pair of high heels and leave satisfied…

Bloody hell when did I stop dressing like a girl?!?! My pants are wide, my T-shirts even bigger, my shirts pffff no comments… even my dresses now I start buying size… biiiiiiiiiiiip (you really thought I will tell you that pfff) wear a belt in the waist bref I like my clothes loose!

But come on, tell me something, between you and me, it does look cool isn’t… Even though yesterday I was still wondering: Do I really look good or do I only want to believe that I look good because I really want to and cause I’m comfy??? Okay too philosophic for fashion…

It’s all about the attitude (too cliché??). I don’t think so cause I’m sorry but the boyish look for a girl does work!!
When I’m in Paris for example, when a girl catches my attention and find her stylish well I realize that most of the time she will be wearing a rolled up pants with a pair of high heels…or at least something masculine, large vest, hat, shoes… something…

My only concern is how am I going to handle the after party? How I’m going to put on slim, tight, skinny jeans again after that… Cruel world!

So boyish look = stylish but not feminine... well I’m confused, really need your opinion on that. Sexy or not sexy?

Have to go buy a skirt.


Thanks to my best Dubai girlfriend YK. for the shots!


Vest My Dad / T-Shirt American Apparel / Pendant Isabelle Marant / Pants Topshop / Shoes Sergio Rossi


  1. Definitely yes for masculine feminine new style!I love that way to wear clothes a mix of elegance and impertinence thanks to express my fashion feeling...


  2. I don't go for it because I wear a french 36 and I don't want to appear like a 42 with this pant!!


  3. Girls who are boys
    Who like boys to be girls
    Who do boys like theyre girls
    Who do girls like theyre boys
    Always should be someone you really love


  4. Je suis trop forte ! je vais changer de metier je crois ...tu es tres SEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  5. Il n'y a que toi pour rendre ces toilettes sexy! :-)

  6. Marion, I agree with you impertinence and attitude is essentiel in fashion!

    Lauren, well you're still slimmer than me so go for it! :-)

    SB, Thanks!!!

  7. Linda !! i love the photoshoooot !! tres sexy cherie

    <3 xx L

  8. i love everything....your style, your mind, your soul !!!! u 'r the best !! gwégo


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