Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gone with the wind

You don’t know me yet very well so you might think that I am a little bit, I don’t know, excessive, that I’m over reacting, that I’m a drama queen… okay okay that’s true I’m a mixed of all of that!!
Eh oh come on give me a break I’m a bloody woman, a bloody French woman, sorry a bloody French woman with Mediterranean roots!!! Huh huh sorry….

But my point is. Why am I always got it wrong!!!!!!! I’m talking about Dubai weather/dress code…

For instance, last day, I wore a wool dress with tights (?????) (new Vanessa Bruno dress last chance to wear it), everybody kept asking me if I wasn’t hot (well I was but eh will never admit it) so I took the most natural posture while (lying) answering “pfff me? Nooooo.. Why?”.
I was avoiding all outdoor smoke breaks and pretending that I was allergic to the smoke, overlooking to my friends having apparently the best laugh of their lives…grrrrrr.... It was hooooooot!! Warm humid sand storming weather actually…

And today, well, I woke up on a spring mood (yes it happens), thinking I’m smart enough not to do twice the same mistake. So TODAY Mesdames messieurs… ta da… it is skirt day!! (bare legs bien sur) and not any kind of skirt non non but the silky skirt one… grrrrrrr
Well for those who were outside today will understand, for the others let me explain: IT WAS BLOODY WINDY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that you are all picturing me having the worse and longer walk of my life (cause walking holding the skirt, the bag and the coffee isn’t easy darling!!!) you can enjoy your day!

A demain!

Ps: Paris Fashion week is starting tomorrow and I’m already all excited (even miles away...)

Cardigan Zara/ T-shirt American Apparel/ Pendant & Socks H&M/ Skirt & Shoes Zara/ Bag Chloe

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  1. Hi Lily Dyali!!

    More than honoured to inaugurate this Blog, which is so wicked, smart and fresh...

    Thank U to share with us these instants of a fashionista life in Duby!!

    You are splendid!! And I know U very well ;-)!

    XOXO, from the other capital of fashion!!

    PS: J'aurai mis une petite ceinture tressée ( frippe, of course) au niveau de la taille... Let me know... ;-)




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