Saturday, March 7, 2009

Winter Farewell

It’s finally the week end, loooong week end (Woohoo!) but still I’m rushing thinking that I won’t have enough time again to do everything before the end of the week end… anyway as any good Parisian you have to be constantly in a rush…

So between grocery (that’s right I’m not buying only shoes but also salad and tomatoes sometimes...), 4 hours lunch, coffees… I’m just gonna show a series of photos that I have taken some time ago… the look is classic, nothing extravagant but like the spirit of it…

Must probably the last winter look of the season! Summer is almost here… Don’t be too sad I can tell you that this spring/summer trend is inspiring!! Can’t wait…

Thanks to OC for the photos.


  1. I love it! At last, some genuine style in Dubai!

  2. Pfff!!!! A couper le souffle!!!

    Le rappel du motif à carreaux jacquard repris sur le sac, comment dire... Excellentissime!!

    Un mot:


  3. Where did u buy your melon hat babe ? Been looking for one for months !!!! Let me know I need !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marie ( headbanger )

  4. Marie:
    From Paris, in 'Le Marais' area. a traditional chapelier (hat shop) rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie (can't miss it!).
    One of my regular shopping address in Paris.


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