Thursday, March 5, 2009

My boyfriend

Eh eh don’t get too excited, I’m not gonna start talking about my private life…or at least not now, not just like that!!

I’m talking about jeans here, ‘boyfriend’ jeans!!! Comment ca you don’t know what I’m talking about… when was the last time you opened a fashion magazine? April 1993? Ah okay bah that’s why!!!!!

Boyfriend jeans: used man cut jeans 4 times bigger than your normal size which you must roll up a little at the bottom to show your wrist. Jean to wear this season (yes bye bye slim!!)

Got it?

So, after many tentative of ‘steal and wear one of my other half’s wardrobe’ and look cool but very very very far from sexy… (“Hum how many cupcakes did you had lately darling”… grrrrrr). I finally came up to the conclusion that even if we call them ‘boyfriend’ jeans it can’t really be a real man one (except if you measure 1m80 high) but slightly differently fitted, loose but fitted

No problem, it just gave me the opportunity to have a new obsession, which filled up my whole last week agenda: find the perfect loose boyfriend jeans!!!!

I began my expedition, checking out Levi’s (“this jeans is for man maaam”… ggrrrrrr I know!!!!!!!!!!), whole jeans corner of Boutique 1, Ounass, Saks and desperately my other half wardrobe again…imagine me wearing an Indiana Jones outfit in Mall of the Emirates like in an archeological mission tatatata datata tatata (you all know the sound track)… and yesterday I finally got it! The Holy Grail!!!
Where?? Well on my weekly black pair of tights shopping in…. H&M!!
Ouf sauvez! The right color, the right details, the right fit, the right price… bravo!! Mission accomplished soldier! I can now think about my next obsession of the week! I have the feeling that it’s going to be very 80’s influence… Shuuuuutttttt

Bonne journee!

Jeans H&M / Blouse Maje / Sweater and pendant H&M / Belt Vintage / Derbies Shoes Repetto


  1. No! No! No! Do not encourage this type of behaviour Lily!!! Otherwise they are going to say Bye Bye to pretty backsides of girls in their stretch trousers;-) Slim Powa!!!!

    Tell me when the Girlfriend fashion? Because I saw a pretty Jimmy Shoo ballerine, size 43...

    Let me know...


  2. Whoaouhh shoes are amazingly stylish!!!don't tell where u live miss lily or you won't find them anymore...I want the same!!


  3. Moona on the moonMarch 6, 2009 at 8:25 PM

    I love that! Hey girls we gonna feel better this summer, fed up of skinny jeans, my booty too...


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