Thursday, March 12, 2009

Electric Feel

Little girl I used to put on costume all the time; my mum wardrobe was my playground…

Color Heels, ‘Dallas’ style evening dress with large shoulders sponge, big frame glasses, red lipstick… I remember opening the large doors and being blinded by a beautiful rainbow of colors: flashy pink, fuchsia, electric blue, yellow… wow…I guess I owe to my mum my taste for flashy color!

Now open any wardrobe and you’ll see black, dark grey, black again, white (to match the black) and maybe navy blue… what is happening to the world? BORING!

I’m an unconditional optimistic, all my hopes are on this year spring… I believe that we should see appearing butterfly, rainbows, and lollipops on the streets (sorry malls).

So please girls don’t be afraid to pull it on, mixing colors, pink, violet, fuchsia…everything together; think about your mum late 80’s early 90’s wardrobe and get inspired!!

This being said, let’s go back to my outfit of the day, which is actually very electric, very rock clash trash! But still very feminine...

Rocky meets Jules Cesar meets Blondie...

With this outfit, I would have imagined very well a heavy ‘kiss’ make up (black eyes, pink lipstick, and star on the cheek…).
Calm down it is still a daytime outfit; you're not a rock star for god sake!!

No accessory, the gold gladiator sandals, electric blue skirt and Rocky Balboa belt were funky enough by themself…

Have to run… bisous

Photos by YK.


  1. I want the same shoes ....nanana
    excellent as usual my favourite dubai girlfriend ..bisous

    By the way i will try for the colors ...

  2. I'll try too and easily I a was a fanatic of Lynda Carter alias Wonderwoman...


  3. I see we have the same reference!! :-)

  4. I love your outfit so fashion forward. And I absolutely love your shoes may I know where you got them?


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